Soulac Sur Mer Resort Highlights


Five Reasons to Choose Soulac

  • Popular, relaxed family resort
  • Great for young children - warm, shallow seawater pools left on the beach as the tide goes out, gentle cycling through pine forests
  • A good range of excursions available from the resort, including wine tasting around the Medoc, and boat trips across the Gironde
  • Sailing and other watersports on the Gironde river at Verdo
  • Great waves and instruction for novice surfers of all disciplines from age 6 upwards: Malibu boards, bodyboards, even skimboards


Map of France showing Soulac

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Soulac - highlights
100km North-West of Bordeaux, Soulac-sur-Mer is right at the tip of the area known as Gironde, close to the Pointe de Grave - where the mighty Gironde river exits into the Atlantic (the Gironde is Europe's largest river estuary).

An informal and pretty seaside town popular with families, Soulac offers an easy beach-based holiday with excellent local excursions. The town has a good range of shops including all the staples of French life. The long sandy beach enjoys surf which is ideal for beginners, and the sea retreats to leave warm, shallow swimming pools which are a joy for young children to splash about in.

You won't see many British visitors in Soulac. The truth is that it's something of a French secret. There are always a few Dutch and German campers too, but British number plates are a rare sight. This adds to its appeal in our opinion!

Soulac is sheltered by pine-covered sand dunes, and is rich in history. Pill-boxes pepper the coastline, and add a dramatic and exciting element to the breathtaking scenery. The town also boasts a Basilique dating back to the 12th Century, which accounts for its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
There's a good sprinkling of turn-of-the-century bourgeois chalets, in Art Deco or neo-colonial style, similar to those found in Arcachon.

Soulac - Our Personal Favourites

  • Watching the kids playing in the warm shallow tidal pools
  • A lazy afternoon strolling round the pretty town on market day
  • A family cycle through the forest to the lighthouse and ferry port of le Verdon
  • Taking a sailing lesson on the mellow Gironde, away from the waves of the Atlantic beach
  • Enjoying a glass of a Medoc vin rouge as the sun sets over the sea

Soulac - Out of Season

French resorts tend to be very seasonal and this can often come as a surprise to visitors who are less familiar with France. Owners of seasonal business such as bars and restaurants can often get by simply by operating in two months of the year - July & August - and are happy to shut down the rest of the year. 

Soulac is certainly one of the more seasonal resorts, buzzing in July & August and quiet during other times of the year. There will be a limited number of shops, bars and restaurants open outside the summer, but there is an all-year round population which ensures a few staple shops remain open. Plus there are great walks to enjoy along the wild coastline.

Find out more in our Soulac tourist information guide. Topics covered include beaches, activities such as surfing, kids' attractions, restaurants, cultural attractions and more...

Soulac - visitor comments
An absolute paradise for my young children! While they weren't playing in the pools on the beach, they were enjoying the dodgems in town, cycling through the forests, or fighting invisible armies from the fortifications in the dunes..” (Mr Hall)

Soulac - directory
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Bordeaux Tourist Office
Wines of the Medoc 
France Tourist Guide
Moulin de Vensac (windmill)
Musée d'Art et Archéologie
Soulac Surf Club 
Cercle Nautique Du Verdon (Sailing Club)
Royan le Verdon Ferry
Vinotherapie Spa 


Soulac sur Mer

Soullacaise turn of the century architecture

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