Moliets Plage Resort Highlights


Five Reasons to Choose Moliets

  • Moliets Plage is a lovely combination of huge sandy beach, pine forest, and tranquil lakes
  • The seaside Golf Course at Moliets is one of France’s top 10 courses, and is considered to be one of the 25 most beautiful courses in Continental Europe.
  • Moliets boasts one of the best surf breaks around & beginners can learn with the beach surf school
  • There is a wide range of activities and facilities for energetic youngsters or adults, mostly within Moliets itself, including horse-riding, watersports, tennis, and kayaking.
  • Moliets offers plenty of opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of nature - on foot, by bike, fishing, or even gondoliered boat.

"The southern Côte d'Argent...the playground continues; one thing not to miss is the descent down the Huchet, where Landais gondoliers will punt you through semi-tropical lushness worthy of set in the African Queen."Quoted from "Gascony & The Pyrenees" by Cadogan Guides


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Moliets - highlights
On the south west coast of France, between the resorts of Arcachon and Hossegor, lies the relaxing resort of Moliets. Its immense beach is bordered by sand dunes and pine forest, and twisting trekking trails and cycle tracks lead to various lakes and remote stretches of beach. This is a paradise for seaside family holidays, and for walking, cycling and fishing.

The nature reserve of the Courant d'Huchet is a tropical forest of exceptional beauty. There is also a wide choice of inland lakes, left behind by the river Adour after it was diverted.

But you don’t have to get too relaxed Moliets - some of the best golf in France is right on your doorstep. The surf is also exceptional and there are plenty of other activities available too - this is an outdoor playground!

So, let the mellow Landaise ambience provide you with a relaxing, refreshing holiday.

Moliets - Our Personal Favourites

  • 18 holes at Golf de Moliets
  • Sunset surfing at the beach
  • A day's biking around the shaded forest tracks (stopping for a picnic of local foie-gras on fresh French bread, and an ice cream!)
  • Enjoying tropical fauna whilst sipping a glass of Bordeaux Sauvignon, as a gondolier gently punts you down the Courant d'Huchet from Lac de Léon all the way to the sea.
  • Lazy mornings at Léon market followed by a lengthy café stop

Moliets - Out of Season

French resorts tend to be very seasonal and this can often come as a surprise to visitors who are less familiar with France. Owners of seasonal business such as bars and restaurants can often get by simply by operating in two months of the year - July & August - and are happy to shut down the rest of the year. 

Moliets Plage is certainly one of the more seasonal resorts, buzzing in July & August and quiet during other times of the year. There are usually just one or two bars/restaurants at the beach open outside the summer, but there are more options in the surrounding villages. Plus, if you just want to relax, surfplay golf or go for long walks on the beach, this is a perfect place to stay.

Find out more in our Moliets tourist information guide. Topics covered include beaches, activities such as golf and surfing, kids' attractions, restaurants, cultural attractions and more...

Moliets - client comments
This area of France is flat and full of cycle paths. It is an excellent family holiday area – restaurants are very welcoming to children and there are beautiful sandy beaches with excellent supervision and lots of surf.”
(Mrs E Beynon)
“This is the first place we have visited in Aquitaine and we will certainly go again, we loved it!”
(Mr A Wayland)
“It was peaceful at night but with plenty going on nearby. The beaches are fantastic, especially for surfing.”
(Mr S Yeomans)
“Moliets is great – casual, few cars, easy to cycle round and great eating places.”
(Mr M Duff)

Moliets Plage

Moliets Lac de Leon

Moliets golf course

Moliets Plage

Moliets - directory
Moliets Tourist Office 
Moliets Golf Club 
Maa Surf Shop & School 
Landes Tourist Office 
Bordeaux Tourism
France Travel Guide
Ecole de Surf du Golf Moliets


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