Hossegor Resort Highlights


Five Reasons to Choose Hossegor

  • The best surf in Europe
  • Vibrant atmosphere, especially appealing to teenagers
  • Superb golf courses - 2 in France's Top 15
  • Lac d'Hossegor offers gentle bathing, ideal for younger ones
  • A good sprinkling of smart shops, cafés and a casino to enjoy

"Hossegor is a pleasant seaside resort bordered by the Boudigau Canal, which separates the town from neighbouring Capbreton. Thanks to the efforts of successive generations of local architects, writers and painters...this choice natural site wooded with pines, cork-oak and arbutus has been carefully developed into a holiday centre complete with parks, gardens, hotels, a casino and a golf course" Quoted from "The Green Guide - Atlantic Coast" by Michelin Travel Publications



Hossegor - highlights
Hossegor is a thriving resort on the south west coast of France, the biggest holiday centre between Biarritz and Arcachon. It is bordered by fresh pine forest, the Atlantic Ocean with its endless beach of fine sand, and a popular salt-water tidal lagoon. All this, with the backdrop of the Pyrénées on the horizon - it's some setting!

Writers and artists from Biarritz arrived in the early 1900s, settling around the Lac d’Hossegor to establish an idealistic commune, where they could be inspired by the area and each other. It was during the early 1900s that the first luxury villas were constructed around the golf course and in the highly prized quartier between the lagoon and ocean.

Today Hossegor is a prosperous seaside resort, especially popular with a younger crowd because of the superb activities on offer, notably surfing (we've found that Hossegor is a successful school-holiday destination for families with teenagers and, because of the lagoon, with younger families in June and September).

Much of the town’s modern success is based on the exceptional surf - Hossegor is the best known surf spot in Europe, with good reason. The swell is aided by the presence of the Fosse de Capbreton, an underwater canyon located 2km offshore.

But there’s much more to Hossegor than just surfing. The long Lac d’Hossegor, which brought the artistic settlers, lies where the River Ardour once flowed. The warm lake is bordered by gentle sands, pine forest, and villas in the local style - this is an excellent spot for younger children to bathe, as the Hossegor surf can be quite unforgiving.

Hossegor - Our Personal Favourites

  • A round of golf followed by an afternoon in the surf - bliss
  • A lazy afternoon sailing on the lagoon Lac d'Hossegor
  • Bike rides in the pine forests with the kids
  • Re-visiting our youth at a sea-front night spot, such as Cream Cafe
  • People-gazing at the Café de Paris
Hossegor - Out of Season
French resorts tend to be very seasonal and this can often come as a surprise to visitors who are less familiar with France. Owners of seasonal business such as bars and restaurants can often get by simply by operating in two months of the year - July & August - and are happy to shut down the rest of the year. 

Hossegor is certainly a seasonal resort, but much less so than it use to be, thanks largely to a thriving surfing scene. The town is bustling during July & August, and also during the Quiksilver Pro Surf event in late September each year. Outside these periods it's relatively quiet, but there is a healthy resident population ensuring the town stays 'open' all-year-round. Plus, if you just want to enjoy the surf or play golf, Hossegor is a great option. 

Find out more in our Hossegor tourist information guide. Topics covered include beaches, activities such as golf and surfing, kids' attractions, restaurants, cultural attractions and more...

Hossegor lagoon

Seignosse Ocean

Seignosse golf

Seignosse sunset

Hossegor - directory

Hossegor Tourist Office

Hossegor Surf Club
Natural Surf Lodge school

Tao Magic Glisse surf school
Capbreton Surf Club
Seignosse Golf Club
Hossegor Golf Club
Atlantic Water Park
Marais d'Orx Nature Reserve
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