Biarritz Resort Highlights


1. A thriving & elegant resort, uniquely stylish & sophisticated yet laid-back and understated

2. Huge beaches in the heart of town, ideal for surfers

3. Excellent shopping, restaurants, arts, nightlife & casino

4. Explore neighbouring Spain - San Sebastian is 'a must'

5. Discover the charming Basque Country villages and landscape

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Biarritz - highlights
So, why did generations of royalty from across Europe choose to holiday in Belle Époque Biarritz? Why did Napoleon III build a palace here for his wife, the Emperess Eugénie (now the town’s best hotel, The Hotel du Palais)? Why did Hollywood stars such as Rita Hayworth and Frank Sinatra vacation here in the 1950s? Why, in 1959, did the makers of Cadillac name its 25ft long convertible after the town? And why, today, are French celebrities such as Alain Prost choosing to live here rather than on the French Riviera?

Well, the rugged and wild beaches are undeniably spectactular. The surfing is amongst the best in Europe. It is one of France's main centres for thalassotherapy. There are several highly rated and historic golf courses in and around the town. There's a host of fine restaurants and an art-deco casino. The boutique shopping is some of the best in France. And the warm all-year-round climate may also have something to do with it!

Above all, though, it's Biarritz's attitude and atmosphere that wins us over. Stylish and sophisticated, yet laid-back and with none of the Côte d'Azur's pretence. This may be because of the town's eclectic and unique mix of surfers, boutique shoppers, the retired, and families on holiday. The Grand Plage is a great place to witness this - the beachfront promenade buzzes with young couples, families, surfers and elderly dames walking miniature dogs.

It is a laid-back place, grounded by its eclectic mix of residents and visitors. Stylish and sophisticated, yet relaxed and understated.

Biarritz - Our Personal Favourites


  • A romantic evening stroll along the Atalaya walkway, high above the lively surf, watching the sun set over the Golfe de Gascogne


  • Idling away the morning at a café on the Grand Plage, admiring the surfers or just people-watching on the promenade


  • A round of golf at Biarritz le Phare, built in 1889 and with the added hazard of bunkers made from WWII bomb craters!


  • A day of luxury: a morning shopping at the boutiques; an afternoon at one of the town's seawater & spa centres; rounded off with a seafood dinner in a backstreet brasserie


  • A guided walk around the town to discover its eclectic architecture, from turreted neo-gothic castles and art-deco casino to its grand Victorian villas


Biarritz - Out of Season

French resorts tend to be very seasonal and this can often come as a surprise to visitors who are less familiar with the country. Owners of seasonal business such as bars and restaurants can often get by, simply by operating in two months of the year - July & August - and are happy to shut down the rest of the year. 

That said, of all the south west Atlantic resorts, Biarritz offers the best choice of activities and places to eat all-year-round. In fact it's the resort where we take the greatest number of off-season bookings, notably for golferssurfers,spa visitors, Heineken Cup rugby weekends, and those who simply fancy a seaside break somewhere chic on the Atlantic coast.

Find out more in our Biarritz tourist information guide. Topics covered include beaches, activities such as golf and surfing, kids' attractions, restaurants, cultural attractions and more...



Biarritz surfing

Biarritz Hotel du Palais

Biarritz Grande Plage


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