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Sit back and relax - with Rail Europe you can take a train all the way to Aquitaine. 

If you are growing weary of the stresses and strains of air travel or long car journeys, or you simply want to reduce your carbon footprint, why not consider taking the train to south west France?

For a completely car-free holiday, resorts such as ArcachonSt Jean de Luz and Biarritz have good train connections, and you can easily manage without a car while you are there. 

And using Motorail you can even take your car too - as far as Brive or Toulouse. This is a particularly good option if you are staying in Gascony at the eastern fringes of Aquitaine.

To plan and book your rail tickets, please contact Rail Europe. For more information about 'train-friendly' resorts in south west France, please call us on 01395 576655.


Blue = TGV stations
Red = Motorail stations

Rail map south west France


French Motorail
> What is it? An overnight service that runs from Calais to six different destinations in southern France, including Brive and Toulouse (the Narbonne train). 

> Why use it? This is a popular service for British holidaymakers and the service has the added convenience of having your own car with you. The train departs Calais in the evening and arrives early the next morning so that you can start your holiday straight away. No traffic delays, whinging kids or motorway tolls to worry about! And no need to hire a car on arrival.

> What facilities does it have? The accommodation is private, 4 or 6 berth couchette-style sleeping compartments. Bedding is provided and all compartments have air-con. There is a bar on-board and bilingual reps too. Domestic animals are not permitted.

> How can I book? Please contact Rail Europe to make a booking and to discuss prices, vehicle guidelines, etc. Prices start at around 400 GBP for a one-way journey. Motorail runs throughout the season until the beginning of September. Customers can choose whether to take a return journey or one-way. All prices are per car, not per person and each car is allocated a couchette apartment.

French TGV
> What are they? France's famous high-speed trains linking the main cities.

> Where does it go in Aquitaine? Biarritz-Bayonne andBordeaux are served by TGV trains. And with Toulousestation in the east, the Aquitaine region is well covered. Connect at Paris

> How can I book? Please contact Rail Europe for quotations and bookings. There is a 90 day booking horizon.

> What facilities does it have? Bar-buffet, vending machines plus dedicated areas such as nursery, office space, bicycle storage and luggage space for outsize baggage. Domestic animals are not permitted.

Motorail couple



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