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Why Choose Aquitaine For Your Holiday?

Aquitaine is the south western-most region of FranceThe word "Aquitaine" is of Latin origin and means "land of water". The ocean, countless lakes and three huge rivers tell us that the Romans' impression of the region is equally valid today.

Despite its long and rich history, not many people know of Aquitaine, although many will be familiar with its most famous resident, Eleanor of Aquitaine, place names such as Biarritz, St.Emilion and Arcachon, or have probably consumed its most famous exports, wine and foie gras.

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The name "Aquitaine" is not often used, say the French, because it is difficult to pronouce! Try "Acki-Ten" or simply refer to it, as the locals do, as "France Sud Autrement" meaning "The Other South of France".

If you need some more persuasion to visit Aquitaine, we've given 10 good reasons below why you should do so! And see what our clients are saying about Aquitaine?

You can also learn about the regions, resorts and activities on offer by Discovering Aquitaine.

We've also provided 10 Facts About Aquitaine for the geographically curious! You may also want to view a more detailed map of Aquitaine or browse a selection of travel articles about Aquitaine.

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Discover Aquitaine's Regions, Resorts & Activities

Discover more about a region of Aquitaine, one of its resorts or one of the many activities you can try, by choosing from the list below. We will be adding more regions, resorts and activities to our website soon...

Our mission at Alternative Aquitaine is for you to share our enthusiasm for this region. Here's 10 good reasons why we think Aquitaine is a great holiday destination

  1. …it has the longest stretch of coastline in Europe
    The Côte d’Argent – 250km of sand voted France's Best Mainland Beach.*
    *The 50 Best Beaches in Europe, The Independent, 14th June 2003
  2. …it is more than just a beach
    For culture and history there are medieval villages and hill-top towns, châteaux, museums, markets and regular festivals.
  3. …it is home to some of the world’s most famous wines
    Such as Médoc, St Emilion, Pomerol and Sauternes.
  4. …it offers an amazing variety of activities
    Such as golf, surfing, cycling, sailing, hiking, bird-watching and horse riding, to name but a few.
  5. …it is next door to Spain for day-trips
    To San Sebastian, Pamplona or Bilbao's Guggenheim.
  6. …it is home to the Pyrénées
    For wonderful walking country and some of Europe’s most exotic wildlife, including vultures and brown bears.
  7. …it is home to Western Europe's largest forest and over 30 freshwater lakes
    For peace, tranquility and enjoying nature.
  8. …it is home to the French Basque Country
    An ancient land with its own language, culture, sports, festivals, architecture and cuisine.
  9. …its regional cuisine is noted even in France for its variety
    From foie gras to oysters and the Spanish-influenced pintxos (tapas).
  10. …it is easy to reach by plane
    There are six airports in the region, many served by low-cost airlines.


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